Austral Bricks’ Storage Yard Upgrade Project


Austral Bricks objective was to have all brick production and delivery operations consolidated into a 10 ha site over an 8 month period. The works under Contract included the construction of a 2ha concrete block pavement truck access ramps and reinforced soil retaining walls over a fairly informal existing brick storage area.


A significant area of unsuitable material was found including a network of old kiln workings, old foundry footings and waste dumps.  As a result the project's site rehabilitation activity increased significantly and in consultation with the client, contractor and Level 1 geotechnical inspector a methodology was developed to maximize the reuse of the brick kiln structures in the site back fill areas to minimise extensions in time and cost.


Further cost savings were identified throughout the project to offset some of the additional rehabilitation costs.


Dowling Drive Trunk Drainage Investigations and Upgrade Design

Gold Coast City Council

Nigel Fletcher & Associates design team provided the detailed design and documentation of a significant stormwater upgrade for this suburb including the introduction of  200 m of 1050 mm dia. thrust bored reinforced concrete pipe. This installation and local drainage infrastructure upgrade was identified to be required to alleviate flooding of local properties. 


The thrust bore pipe was selected to make use of the relatively service free road alignments and to negotiate a natural crest in the alignment. The final solution included the use of an offline retention structure to ensure that there was no worsening effect to the downstream flood levels across Smith Street arterial road. The existing and proposed drainage networks were established and modeled using Mike Urban drainage software.


Nyholt Drive Water Reticulation Main

The operations of a material recycling centre required the construction of a 150 mm water main to the site ahead of a Council programmed road formation. NFA fast tracked the design and council submission such that an Operational Works approval could be provided prior to Council (GCCC) commencing the road upgrade program on site.


RPEQ design and site inspection services were then provided to ensure the works were constructed in accordance with the approved documentation.


External Infrastructure Rochedale Motorway Estate


NFA  are providing civil design supervision, review and certification services for the external infrastructure associated with Rochedale Motorway Estate including the full width upgrade of 1.1 km of Gardner Road from single lane to a dual carriageway (with associated road drainage and culvert crossing upgrades), 1.15 km of sewer main to a connection below the Gateway Mortorway and approx 1.1 km of 350 mm diameter water main to replace and upgrade the existing water infrastructure.


Clay Quarry Rehabilitation Contract


Superintendent Services have recently been completed for Stage 1 of the rehabilitation of Austral Brick’s 25 ha clay brick quarry at Rochedale. The works under contract included 166,000 m3 of earthworks, the decommissioning of 4 major active basins including the excavation and processing basin silt as fill and the design of perimeter retaining walls.


The services provided ensured that the earthworks which were being completed within an exceptionally short timeline of 8 weeks, met with tight contractual requirements and current mining license conditions.


Proposed Commercial & Retail Outlet


Located on sloping land partially affected by Regional flood levels over the lower third of the site the project outcomes includes large flat pads for retail and commercial office/warehouse facilities, a childcare centre and fuel station.


Master planning feasibility design advice was provided for site earthworks, retaining walls, roadworks, water, sewer and stormwater services to demonstrate the practicality of developing this site.


Further to this, options for the placement of fill in the flood zone were developed along with compensatory earthworks strategies to help define optimum building envelopes on this constrained site.


Lots 3&4 of the Rochedale Motorway Estate DA Application

Engineering design plans for site services, road and internal access levels, site earthworks, stormwater drainage and water and sewer connections were completed to support a development application for two warehouse/showroom and office buildings. External loading facilities included access for B-Double and Semi-trailer vehicles and multiple loading docks to the building.


Final levels were used to inform the early works documentation that included bulk earthworks for the building pads and pavements.


Feasibility Study for 8.5 Ha Industrial Subdivision Off Burnside Road


The client was seeking to determine the most appropriate development configuration for the combination of two adjoining lots within this land on the edge of the urban footprint at Ormeau.  The lower third of the site was found to be flood affected and water quality management was a mandatory requirement based on previous development approvals.

Development options considered included 5 lots with a public service road and warehouse facilities ranging in size between 1,000 m2 and 9,000 m2 and a single lot development for a 16,000m2 warehouse.

A review of engineering infrastructure requirements was provided for a new service road off Burnside Road, earthworks pad levels and cut/fill volumes, stormwater collection and treatment systems, an interim sewage pump station and rising main system and watermain extension off Burnside Road. Deliverables included Development Cost Plans for both options to provide the client with sufficient information to evaluate a development strategy for this site.