The management of the stormwater running from and through a project site is a critical step in the early planning and approvals processes, the design development and construction phases and on through the operational phase of a project.


A thorough assessment and development of effective urban drainage solutions are critical to a project's success at all critical project milestones. Nigel Fletcher & Associates has been responsible for a wide range of stormwater management solutions that have been tailored to site-specific requirements.


Services available:

  • Catchment Management Planning
  • Flood Assessment and Modeling
  • On and Off Site Stormwater Detention Solutions
  • Water Quality Strategies, Solutions and Outcomes
  • Stormwater Harvesting Systems
  • Trunk and Local Drainage System Analysis
  • Drainage Infrastructure Upgrades and Diversions
  • Drainage System Design and Construction Management
  • Stormwater Management Plans